One day, your workstation may have you sitting next to a CEO

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Ridzki Syahputera

Corporate Development & Communication Manager of Convergence Ventures


Ridzki joined Convergence Ventures with a background in marketing and business development. Before joining Convergence Ventures, he was a Partner at Seroja Partners, an Indonesian-based market entry-consulting firm focused on ad-tech and media companies. Previously he was business development and communications lead in various tech companies in Indonesia and started his career at Ogilvy as a digital analyst. “I’m happy to be part of Convergence Ventures. The fund has only been around for 3 years yet we have a very symbiotic relationship with the Indonesian Government and as well as strong ties into China and the US.” Ridzki said.


Convergence Ventures primarily invests in companies with a focus on Indonesia or an expansion strategy into the Indonesian market. “We’re a hands-on VC that has invested in recruitment, communications and business development assets aimed at facilitating our Portfolio companies operations”. He stated. What he loves about his new role in this company are the people he gets to interact with. As we know, digital ecosystem is growing rapidly and everyone is looking to get involved. “One day I’ll be meeting with a delegation of Chinese Corporate and VC investors and the next day I’ll be planning events with the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (KEMKOMINFO) to develop new support systems for Indonesian startups.” Ridzki said.


Another challenge that all VCs in the region are beginning to address is that “smart entrepreneurs are not just looking to fundraise for capital, they are looking for a Partner that can help them navigate the very long journey they are committing to take. he claims. Capital is a small, albeit critical requisite in building a company. Ridzki believes that Founders should leverage the network, capability and operational experience of their investors if they want the best chance to succeed.


During the interview session, Ridzki mentioned that there have been many interesting people that he has met while working at Rework. Since there are various kinds of professionals using co-working spaces these days, you simply never know who you’ll encounter from one day to the next. And it’s this very uncertainty that gives them the chance to add a tremendous amount of diversity to the network.  “One day, your workstation may have you sitting next to a CEO or Founder, or even a potential customer. Especially when you visit the communal spaces, such as the pantry, you may share a meal with someone who has surprising depth of knowledge about a problem that’s been bugging you for a while.” He said. The access to a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and creators is one of the major drawing factors driving the influx of independent workers and startup companies to these shared spaces.


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